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The Green Intelligence was founded in 2020 by Matthijs van Rijn and Niek Rietbergen to increase biodiversity  and provide a more sustainable way of land use with the vision to make it financially viable on the long term. The Green Intelligence team is located in Europe (Netherlands) and Asia (Nepal). 


Matthijs van Rijn

Founding Partner

Matthijs van Rijn, founding partner, a nature enthusiast, a nemophilist - who enjoys spending majority of his time outdoors amidst nature. His professional and personal experiences, passion for biodiversity and ecosystem restoration led him in developing a scalable forest concept and co-founding the Green Intelligence (GI).

Before co-founding The Green Intelligence, Matthijs spent over 8 years in the renewable energy sector in the Netherlands, Africa and Asia with an ambition to provide communities and economies access to affordable renewable energy. This was the key driving force for him to move to Nepal in early 2020, to join impact an investment company - One to Watch.


Within the energy sector he noted a growing interest in carbon offsetting - he spotted opportunities in financially linking the private sector with landowners - creating wholistic nature based solutions that go beyond just carbon offsetting . He has since dedicated himself to exploring and implementing ecosystem regeneration projects that generate income for communities in Nepal. 

Matthijs graduated in 2013 from Eindhoven Technical University in the Netherlands with a Msc. degree in Industrial Engineering with specialization in Innovation Management.

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Niek Rietbergen

Founding Partner

Niek Rietbergen founding partner and architect. Early in his study Niek started his fascination for architectural landscaping design and how we can create a greener and more sustainable environment by learning and working together with nature. For Niek the leading drivers to develop a scalable forest concept and co-founding the Green Intelligence (GI).


Niek started his career by pioneering for international companies in various regions over the world where he led several large-scale renovation construction projects in cities like Shanghai, Moscow and New York. Hereafter Niek worked for Studio Roosegaarde on future landscapes such as the ‘Smog Free Project’ to reduce air pollution and ‘Presence’ to create more awareness about the impact we as humans have on our environment. Which recently brought Niek to Aecom who are driven by a common purpose to deliver a better world.


Niek studied Architecture and graduated from the Technical University in Delft with a Master in Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences in 2012.

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The Netherlands


Rupak Uprety

Project development Nepal


Rupak Uprety, an outgoing and exuberant individual who is compassionate to his family and friends just like to his society and the nature. Started pretty early as a young entrepreneur, he has acquired substantial experience in apprehending the new opportunities, taking forward the new ideas to next level. A seeker and a believer who has led his life by perpetually shaping himself to an accountable and dependable man. His amusing sense of humor, pleasing personality and affable nature are the cherries on top to his character which has abled him to win the heart and trust wherever he goes. 


Before joining the The Green Intelligence, he has been working as an admin and logistic expert at a reputed company where he was a man-of-all-work to the organization with his insightful nature, problem-solving attitude and personal and professional rapport. He has been a trusted individual who is sought by all his peers and he has never failed to deliver. 


Rupak’s fondness to nature, deep concerns about the devastating natural resources and overexploitation of forest land, willingness for restoration have aligned to the goal of The Green Intelligence where he has been contributing as a project coordinator on this innovative approach which can be an exemplary model for a sustainable goal. Him getting on board right from the beginning has been a fruitful start where his expertise and experience in Nepal for the coordination of the project are anticipated to go a long way as an individual and as a team.

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Barsha Ratna Hamal

Researcher Drought prone areas

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Merlijn Boeles

Productive Tree Expert

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Yuvaraj Subedi

Project Manager Ramechhap


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